Tuesday, July 9, 2013

my market philosophies

- market doesn't know whether you are long or short. so, rest assured, the market is not after you. since it can't see you (the individual), it is not thirsty for your blood and money. you are yourself running scared and coming in the way of the speeding trolla like a street dog. remain cool and perch atop the moving beast.

- market will either go up or down, it has no third way. so, there is always 50% chance of winning. all we have to do thereafter is to try and improve that percent.

- we are playing on technical level and getting beaten on the tactical front.

turning radius of markets

when i see traders seek and ask for shorting opportunities in bull runs or buying opportunities in bear drops, i feel like jumping into the screen to his side of the pc and shrieking "Don't!!!"


every car has a turning radius. every car needs some circle, some width to turn.

only cars in cartoons can turn around like a 'V'.

same is with the markets.

if and when they have to turn, they need a "turning radius". they can't and don't turn in a 'V'

so, whenever, u see a bull run or bear slip (in any time frame), wait for that circle or curve to be

trading situations are like elephants (not just cars). they take some time and manoeuvring to turn, and they can't hide it.

never panic at sharp adverse sudden unforeseen unwarranted move. it always invariably retreats
(atleast and mostly) once.

then. ofcourse, it depends upon how much leveraged position you have in your mouth that may
threaten to choke you or how much buffer holding funds you have.