Tuesday, April 26, 2016

in sync

[26/04 11:01 am] ‪SD‬: what is your view on may, Js sir?

[26/04 11:03 am] Js: 66pc bullish😌

it's less to do with monthly expectation than being in sync with swings.

the pastry in the fridge

do you open your trading shop by touching the ground with right hand and then touching your forehead of consciousness? do you start your trading day with a short heartfelt prayer? or, you open the day like the fridge in the morning popping yesterday's pastry amidst unbrushed teeth? it all effects your subconscious, your subconscious decides your decisions and your decisions decide your future.

it is difficult to take wrong impulsive trading decisions if you have said your prayer and carry that feeling through the day

if trading is your destiny handed over  to you by chance choice or force by the God, accept it with thanks and do it sincerely

the trading rat

as a trading rat, you don't try to win over the whole  market mountain. you just look for your safe hidden hole with cheese supply and enjoy your life!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

the ripened mango

one of my dear friends asked me yesterday why I was not/had not switched over to full time trading and quit my job. 

besides the minor reason that I'm a purely positional trader in index which requires just 3 to 4 times one eyed cursory glance at the charts and parameters per day, the major answer (as it came out from somewhere inside me ) is that you never leave the job and become full time trader....it just happens. 

it can't and shouldn't be done. it has to happen. like the dropping of a ripened mango. no effort required. no anxiety. not much thought. 

like the leaving behind of a baggage which is no longer required. 

never leave anything. what deserves to be left, gets left one night without goodbye. 

in fact, leaving is more of an analogue process than digital. 

things are being left behind gradually and incrementally every day, every moment. 

humans are used to events, life is a process.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

the real bluff...

i am, frankly and genuinely though, v uncomfortable with this spike (today and yesterday).

long long ago, i used to divide rises of three types.....climbs, spike, shift...depending upon the angle of rise and the magnitude.

while climbs were reasonably stable, spikes were fragile and shifts (vertical ones) were rock solid. i even wrote an article on it*.

current one seems like a shift. options data also bullish. but the down rally was just half over. i was and am perplexed. but i, fortunately, always kept room for surprises/adjustments in my system.

there was no real surprise worth its salt in the past many months since i am on this version of the system, as u are witness to, but this one is.....going by the sheer magnitude and the time it took.

this may well turn out to be a non-event bluff in line with what i was expecting till noon today (49% down rally was left) but if may well turn out to be one of those occasional "re-calibration" "real bluffs".......


Thursday, April 7, 2016

the proof

left upto retail traders market can never remain in a tight range.

markets will always drift (and often stupidly, wildly, illogically, uncontrollably) if the direction and magnitude were to be decided by retail traders.

a tight range and anything and everything else is "allowed" or "ensured" by the operators IMO.

.....the mere presence of tight range (and for that matter many more interesting patterns) is a stark proof that operators exist and control the market.