Tuesday, July 28, 2015

a simple technique for when in doubt

Js: whenever in doubt, go for.....buy above, sell below,out in between....strategy.....choose any point based on any sensible criteria....
: thereafter don't react emotionally
: this technique never fails....
: only speed and ruthless discipline required....better the selection criteria for those points, lesser the whipsaws.....
: only pulling the trigger is difficult.....


Js: when one is assured of meeting the(target) God, he or she shouldn't mind the delay......God has a plan.....self talk
Titash: Seems delightful 👍😃
Js: what is patience if not the simple act of saying a polite  "no" to the loaded distractions on the way....self talk
: follow the indicators no-one follows.....others are dangerous.....self talk
: bugged
: resisting the temptation is the last yaksh test for the trader yudhishtir....self talk
JP: dacoits do have lunch in between........😃😃... Veer ji,  Thoda to reham karo... operators per..😂😂.. DON hi bol do...

risk of not taking the risk

Js: risk of not taking the risk is much more than the risks we avoid because of fear.....self talk
: and that ultimate risk is called....
: status quo....we will remain forever where we are....
: (method+ risk management+risk taking)x repetition= trading success
: when fall is slow and gradual, it is generally dangerous.....self talk
: like slow but non stop rain which causes big landslides....
: the satisfying point is not that the method worked this time also. the most satisfying inference is that the rascals (operators) knew it!!! I'm getting chills down my spine that the rascals knew what they were going to do and what they were up to in coming days....they were preparing for the game they are now playing....this is a big bloody insider casino....!!!
: accumulation distribution, expansion contraction take time and are there for a reason....and the reason is strategy....their strategy.....they don't act instantaneously.....they act as per a plan.....
: they can keep a dead market dancing and make the one with burning coal in pants stand calm....
Ashok: Js..its gr8 you have been able to gate crash into...
Js : without being modest,I don't mind admitting that
: got a few of their secrets I accidentally stumbled on to....
JP: Can they...?? LOL burning coal in pants stand calm. 😀😀😀😀 , yes, perhaps ... while coated their XXXXXX
Js: like having access to their bedroom thru key hole
: boardroom, not bedroom
: there is no pessimism in stock market.

pro trend trades....optimism....
anti trend trades.....height of optimism
: road to hell are paved with good intentions.....
: market patterns are like structures.....some are inherently weak and destined to crumble....give way.....self talk
Ashok: strength after weakness is provided by repairs?
Js: well said
: symptomatic relief from deep cracks by covering with plaster and narolac
: logic and trained intuition are two hands of a boxer trader.....both jabs required for attack as well as defence....
Sanket: Just a discussion question - profit must take out or invest in scrips or use for averaging the scrips???
Js: leverage profit by ploughing back partially.keep upping the game with safety net.keep some part as buffer fund. everything depends on reliability and repeatability of method

hare and the tortoise

Js: IMO, there is nothing practically different as trader and investor.....trader invests money, and investor trades to buy and sell....
: I'm talking in broad sense....
Devender: So any time frame can be traded
: Effectively and consistently IMO

Js: people with less money have to rotate money more and hence “trade".....those with crores can afford to be lazy and invest those say 10 crore for 1.5 crore return per annum....
Devender: Yes. JS ji..  Pond is small for whales..
Js: who will want to trade when he can afford to invest
: trade for first crore and then turn investor......
: investor is trading in slow motion, trading is investing in fast forward.....self talk
: nobody turns investor because he has to....but because he doesn't need to be a trader any more
: so never worry about trader investor dilemma.....just make money.....keep making money.....and as gradually it swells, increase holding time and start playing golf.
: 10 percent per month return on 10 lac fund or 15 percent per annum return on 1.5 crore corpus......almost equal but huge huge difference in headache
: actually it's got to do with holding time and not necessarily amount.....though it makes sense to trade with less, invest with more
: sip is a classic example of investing with less
: as Robert Kiosaki says move towards auto money.....unless you have unquenchable thirst disorder
: one of my friends worked hard for 2 decades, saved 2 crore plus and is now retired for enjoying life with 20 lacs per annum he gets as annual returns from low maintenance investment
: we should have exit plan in trading career before we enter in this Greek gladiator theatre otherwise we will end up therein after age
: money management= 'win' or 'not loose much' preposition
: trading skills serve as top up or slice out accumulation distribution for investors. as I turn less trader and more investor I will use my trading method to enter in steps and exit in steps......assuming I do not prefer one-time-invest-it-for-fat-annual-return-year-after-year kinda life
: frankly,I don't see myself trading forever......
: trading is a way too early retirement for better things in life.....self talk
Sanjeev: small trader can also grow by as investor
Js: even amateurs should invest trader style, but by bit entry and exit based on signals....
: bit by bit
: and investors are value traders!
if somebody has crores, has very less expenses, isn't bored in life and is still swearing in trading,I will not hesitate to ask him "chaahtaa kya hai bhaaiii?!"
Sanjeev: tortoise slow motion always win everywhere
Js: that story is no joke....self talk.....the biggest lesson of life.....
: tortoise doesn't mean slow, tortoise means the fastest in-control, un-hurried slow.....
: tortoise is symbolic....a metaphor
: not literal

self talk

: to be a good trading student, one has to acknowledge and nail every problem, only then he or she can even think of overcoming it ever, failing which his or her fate is sealed notwithstanding the prayers and emotional outbursts.....self talk

: if market gives up yesterday's all gains how will we explain yesterday's "robust" rise and the pain we inflicted upon ourselves.....what I want to say is that we read too much into things and hence get "influenced".....
: we must not be a typical docile and coward.....explaining and justifying every move of the perpetrator......self talk
: which aren't, most of the times
: we should have faith in our view
: flexible to developments, but rigid to our own understanding
: if our opponent bluffs, do we have the guts to raise the stake?......obviously depends on our confidence on bluff detection and safety backup....self talk
: heat and pressure of the market is essential for the cooking of the raw trader....self talk
: don't burn, get cooked
: operators don't criticize non performer governments, they short the markets.....self talk
: I would worry a bit if the market had any third option than moving up or down....fortunately it has only two possibilities and that is a big relief besides giving an outright 50 percent minimum chance of winning unless I vibrate a lot.....self talk
: all I have to do is have patience and implement ways to increase that percentage....trading is the best business and gambling in the world......self talk
: even a stopped clock is right twice a day.....even a wrong trader is right 50% times.....only a hardworking trader can lose more!!!

self talk

unfortunately for operators, they have only up and down as possible directions, and that is the biggest opportunity for the hapless retail traders.....
unfortunately for operators, they can hide or disguise their intentions but can't erase them....

unfortunately for the traders, till they learn to identify those signs they will keep getting trapped and dodged and intimated by operators who otherwise are as vulnerable as traders

operators are those spoilt kids who do what they wanna do.....they will wait for some time if you give them chocolates but before the last chocolate finishes, they are back to what they wanted to......and let's not forget....child is the father of man

Friday, July 10, 2015

bulls, bears, dogs and pigs

[9:55AM, 10/07/2015] Guru Mysore: @JS how to find who is bull trader or bear trader?.. 😳..
[9:57AM, 10/07/2015] ashok: Depends who speaks when ...

what an answer@ashokji.....loaded and right
there are 5 kinds of traders....
1.sworn bulls
= either investors, agents of bears, only-sunny days creatures, or fools
e.g. sameer arora.....(disclosure...I'm his a.c.....bigger than a fan)

2.sworn bears
= either whistle blowers, agents of bulls, only-raining day creatures, or pessimist fools
e.g. shankar sharma.....what confidence and clarity man!

3. temporary bulls....
= who have seen a red flag uphill somewhere
professional sworn bears are facilitators of professional accumulaters
professional sworn bulls are facilitators of sellers in distress

Guru Mysore: wow, @JS.. looks like you have done some psychology course .. :)

: stock rich bulls are known to wear bear masks to crash prices to accumulate more at lower prices
: vice versa for cash rich, give-a-damn-to-stocks financers
: bulls as well as bears are mission masks for professionals and state of mind for amateurs like us

4. positional bears
= like the one I'm this week.lazy heavy trading animal who has seen the crack and loves the crackle of the crumble

5.scared street dogs and pigs
= for the trucks and slaughter houses