Monday, March 3, 2014

trade like u will play a video game

dear arun
every word u have written here is 101% right
find ur own method as u said
and, i can certify that atleast one exists for everyone willing to hunt for it
i feel from ur words that u r on right track
u will be alone in this
and might have to bear sweat, tears and blood on the way
just like those attempting everest (i have read a few biographies of them)
but it will be worth it.
victory is assured
instead of day trading i suggest swing trading
7-8 points per day is too stressful
5 wins will be crushed by one erroneous trade
go and find a method for swing trading
master it like a video game
not like a trade
as i always say
people are playing on technical levels
and getting beaten on tactical ones

On 3 March 2014 05:35, Arun wrote:

How are you ??

I have told u that i have found method to earn 200-250 points nifty per month. But i am quiting that one.

1) 7-10% income generation surely monthly.

1) Always i have to see charts live from 9:15 to 3:30pm.

2) Always  to be in position, long nd short, not in free zone any time.

Its not only gives stress, also it makes me bored within some days, creates confusions itself, also diffuses my passion to see lines, indicators all the time on pc.


- Now i am looking for some intraday method. I want only 7-8 points per day, not more than that.
If you have some tactics to earn 7-8 points a day, then disclose with me.

- New methods on which i start learning BTST, Pair trading.
Also i have read your blog on BTST, but you are not suggesting STBT.

I want to trade methods without indicators, Because i think if its possible to earn alot through indicators, then all IIT'ians would be billionaries, as they chew the mathematical formula for an eye blink.

It's a DABBA game..make your own desi rules, not to follow angreji strategies.

Thanks sir..

With Regards,