Saturday, April 14, 2012

in search of stockmarket lie detector

i was just surfing for apps for my android.
and i came across
"lie detector".
i checked for the details
and before i could press my grey cells,
i read that this was an app for prank only
and not a real lie detector.
well, well.....
but there are real lie detector gadgets and machines......
(ones they put to great use such as "sach ka saamna" etc.)
i wish they had a lie detector
to catch the bluffs and lies
of nifty moves
forced by operators.
while no such reliable lie detector has been invented as yet for the markets, i presume
(though some may be around for prank purpose)
for the time being
till one such is invented
it is suffice to assume
that there are some, if not many, and if not all
moves that are not just lies
but white lies!!!
just because we don't yet have a lie detector test for the markets
doesn't and shouldn't mean
that there are no lies floating around!
and if there ARE lies
why distrust our skills and sensitivities
at the time of 
stoploss triggers?